Building Mobile websites – Presentation

Having a mobile website for your business adds value to your business and increases the reachability. This presentation explains why one should have a mobile website and what is the advantage of that. I have discuss several tips on how a Mobile website can help your business.

Speed-Up Google Chrome!!

MANY (myself included) use Google Chrome. Its simple & has VERY few hassles. But it CAN be improved further. In this post, I have attempted to highlight three basic steps to increae performance of Google Chrome. You will Surely have a enhanced we-surfing experince after you have carried out the steps. Enjoy.

Use Any Mobile With PC (Generic PC Suite)

MANY are buying Handsets which are manufactured in China or have Chinses origins.. Even phones from so-called branded phones like: Micromax, Lemaon, fly etc.. can benifit from this Post.

Read-On to save head-ache & frustration if your Phone gets lost or malfunctions..

The data loss is FAR WORSE than the loss of the Phone. “A stitch in time…. saves nine!”

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