Glow an open source javascript library by BBC

Open Source a big bang which is spreading like a fire in the forest. Everything today has an open-source alternative, let it be Microsoft Windows, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express or whatever. The best thing about Open Source is that people actually love it and the community contributes it to

CSS Properties To JavaScript Reference Conversion

Heya Peeps, Today one of my colleague was stuck in very basic Javascript function, in which he was trying to change the font-size of a paragraph by tweaking the CSS “font-size” property with the help of a Javascript function. His code was perfect but with one problem, that was proper

Sleep or wait function in javascript

Always wondered that why does Javascript do not have some extraordinary functions like trim, wait, sleep etc. Oh well, i think at that time they din bother to add them or din feel the requirement.  I was working on a script last week and somehow i wondered if i can

Add user specific replies in wordpress comments

Always wondered how to leave a reply to specific comments or a thread like replies. Well wordpress made it very simple for you. The function wp_list_comments accepts various useful parameters . There is one parameter called max_depth which is going to do the trick for you. If you open your

Add javascript function using css class

In this tutorial i am gonna show you how a javascript function can be hooked to a HTML element with its predefined class or id attribute. We are going to use class attribute here because we may want to have multiple elements of the same kind where in we want