Empty WordPress trash automatically

WordPress has an inbuilt trash system which keeps your posts, pages, comments in trash for 30 days by default. However, WordPress has a way to change this default 30 days time period. We can even disable this feature such that WordPress does not empties the trash automatically. In order to

WordPress wp_nav_menu separator and First Last Classes

wp_nav_menu is a wordpress built-in plugin that allows you to show navigation in the front-end. This simple function picks the menu defined in the wp-admin dashboard and displays it as the list. Just like other wordpress functions this is also powerful. It takes various parameters to customize the output of

Why Blog with WordPress

Every time I recommend a friend of mine to blog, one of the usual queries (if not the first) is how do I blog? True, every other social network is offering you a blog these days. You also got Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal, etc. But the most common answer to

WordPress Blog update or ping services

Have you ever wondered after you publish a blog entry by hitting Publish button, what happens ? How does the Google Search engine and the other world is informed ? How quickly does feedburner be able to pull your RSS feed and provide them to your RSS subscribers ? If

Multipaging a single post using wp_link_pages

Heya Fellow bloggers, I won’t be saying again in this post that wordpress is an awesome blogging application, lol I said that again 😛 You probably are looking for any sort of plugin which may split your single post into multipaged post with a nifty pagination, right ? If I

Install wordpress in local environment

Well this post is not for the regular RSS readers, but sure is for those nomads who look around how to setup wordpress on their systems and land on to Digimantra using Google Search. I know wordpress is one Open Source blogging application which is pretty easy to install but

Add user specific replies in wordpress comments

Always wondered how to leave a reply to specific comments or a thread like replies. Well wordpress made it very simple for you. The function wp_list_comments accepts various useful parameters . There is one parameter called max_depth which is going to do the trick for you. If you open your