WordPress guide from newbie to pro

WordPress is one big framework in itself now. From a simple blog to a pro website, wordpress gives you the flexibility to do it all. Radioverve is one of the niche example of wordpress ‘s power and my free wordpress blog is another example of the most empty or quick

How to integerate page navigation in wordpress

WordPress no doubt is famous not only because its easy to install and use but the reason being its community love. Matt himself told at the wordcamp india held earlier this year that wordpress is so popular just because it has community love. I am also one of the wordpress

Moving your wordpress blog from one domain to other

Heya Folks, Well shifting or moving your blog from one domain to another is not easy task but with the continous upgradation on wordpress‘s core install the things are also not that difficult. The built-in import export feature in wordpress is the real saviour in this process. Follow the steps

Display Avatars in wordpress themes

This is going to be a concise tutorial. On my another blog i had an old theme which doesn’t support displaying Avatars in comments. So i wandered along and found this snippet which can be replaced by the Avatar picutre when compiled and sent over to the server. So lets

Create Horizontal Menu in WordPress

I know this is just another tutorial you found online for creating horizontal menu on a self hosted wordpress blog. But this is going to be really basic for those who do not want any fancy menus to start with. The more of you can be found here I created

Changing permalink in wordpress

Some of you might have faced problem when it comes to changing your permalink structure in wordpress. Well it seems difficult but plugins make your life go easier. 🙂 Here is small neat plugin which helps you nicely change your blog’s permlink structure without having to lose your visitors and