E-mail marketing which are based on user’s permission has a substantial hit rate as compared to unsolicited e-mail campaigns. The ways in which companies contact their customers have changed directly with the rapid increase in the number of internet users. A good e-mail marketing campaign knows its audience and target market. It also help the organization by:

  • Boosting sales through online and offline mode
  • Help in generating leads
  • Strengthening the relationship between organization and customer
  • Generates more website traffic
  • Helps in building brand recognition and brand royalty

email marketing tips

Permission based e-mail marketing

We all are aware of the fact that customers love to read e-mails which deliver the content they are interested in. This is the reason why permission based e-mail marketing campaigns have been more successful as compared to conventional campaigns. Every organization must ensure that they engage in a thorough research on market segment and taste and preference of consumers before starting any e-mail marketing campaigns.

Some simple but useful e-mail marketing tips are mentioned below

  • Knowing your target audience– An organization may have the best product and service in the world but if they do not target the right section of audience, their efforts will go futile. Trying to engage with your customer by offering goodies such as free coupons or newsletters is a good way to start. It will help in building a strong relationship.
  • Crafting the right message– Organization must ensure that the message of their e-mail marketing campaign not only offers value but also strikes consumer’s taste. For doing this, the organizations must analyze their competitor’s strategies.
  • Addressing the objective of campaigns– Before implementing any type of e-mail marketing campaign, it is essential that one must develop a strong and feasible marketing strategy which addresses the golds and primary objectives of the campaign.
  • Opting for the popular format– Having the right message to deliver is just the beginning of any e-mail marketing campaign. Choosing a proper format to deliver your message to intended audience holds utmost importance. Make sure that the format you choose synchronizes with the content and promotion strategies. Email marketing campaigns which have media such as audio and video generate high responses. But at the same time, one must not forget the importance of text messages.
  • Result analysis– After completion of email marketing campaign, one must indulge in through analysis. It can be done using real time reports which give the number of opened e-mails, number of bounced e-mail and subscription percentage.

By following these simple tips, anyone can make their e-mail marketing campaign successful. 

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