Facebook is one of the most leading social networking websites ruling the hearts of billions. The white background with blue detailing reminds us of Facebook but it has been a long time since we have been watching the same combination for ages. It has been quoted –“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ChameleonTom is a plug-in designed for integrating themes with your Facebook profile. It enables you to personalize your home screen and stay connected to the people, content, and applications the same way it you used to be. The application is easy to use and adds glamour to your Facebook profile. Like a chameleon, it changes its colour as per the user’s selection.

The size of setup file is mere 615.70 kb (hardly takes 2-5 second to install on a decent internet connection). At present, browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer support this plug-in. Other popular browsers like chrome, safari and opera to be added soon. It can be installed from http://plugin.chameleontom.com/


After the application is installed, it tries to change the default search engine to “IAMWIRED.net search” which is not a popular search engine. Apart from this point, the application is without any kind of serious flaws. After the installation is done, a small symbol is introduced in the web-browsers.


Features of ChameleonTom –

  • Adds life to your dull Facebook profile
  • A Large collection of themes is present; also sorted according to categories.
  • Free to use, No Sign Up or Registration required

Applying the Skin on Your Facebook Profile –

(Once the application is successfully installed, add the desired skins by simply clicking on install)

  • Click on the ChameleonTom symbol located in the browser
  • A Pop-Up Screen would appear (This would show the list of themes available on your local computer. More themes can be downloaded from the website for free)


  • Once you are done, the new ‘full of life’ screen is shown below –


The original ‘Blue & White’ standard skin can be selected by performing the same procedure. The skin on your Facebook profile is only visible to those users who have authorized the ChameleonTom application on Facebook. This is one aspect on which the Chameleon Team needs to work on. Overall, it is a wonderful tool.

Camouflage your style like a Chameleon.

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Nitish Jha

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