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Always thought of publicizing your website or blog with a minimum or at no cost ? Wondered how quickly you can reach to your readers without having to make much efforts ? Thought of giving almost every service under one platform that is your own blog or website ? Well answers to all the queries stated above is Google. Google India had introduced SMS channel way back in 2008 but is many few people actually use it. This is for the subscribers within India. Indian subscribers already had a similar portal call smsgupshup on which you can create groups and can publish stuff manually. But google sms channel is different in the sense that it updates your users when you post something on your blog, it does so using the RSS feed. The similar functionality is not available in smsgupshup.

How a sms channel is gonna help ?

  • Its Free !!
  • Subscribers get instant alerts even if they are on move.
  • It reaches faster than RSS feed, as users may not be reading their RSS feeds all, but they carry mobile phones everytime.SMSChannelsLabsLogo
  • Ads credibility to  your business.

Ahh Nice, Now how do I  go about it ?

Its very simple to register your Business or to create your own SMS channel. Just login into Google SMS Channel and click on Try now under Create  your own channel block. Next you will asked for details about your sms channel and the nickname to assign to it. I suggest you to go about it as when it becomes common, you wont be able to get the channel name you wanted 🙁


Using SMS channel through mobile

You can also use this service through your mobile phone. If your mobile is not registered then you need to register it first by sending REGISTER to 9870807070 . Your mobile service provider may charge you for this. After you are registered then you can do lot of stuff like create a new channel , delete a channel you created before.  Here is the list of commands which you can use from mobile to interact with the google sms channel.

Digimantra also has its Google sms channel, if you are from India and want to get instant updates whenever there is new content posted , please feel free to suscribe to our SMS channel. We promise quality content with no spam.

Stay Digified !!
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