Apple’s iPhone is the most wanted gadget according to some sruvery and gave apple a new name. Apple which was limited to some of the geeks in India because of its finest PC products after a successful approach to normal man through iPods has made a smart entry to every one though its iPhone. But how could world’s best search engine google could keep its eyes off the gaining popularity of iPhone. Every next day the App store of apple releases a new application and making money outta it.

So finally much awaited google’s GPhone has been shown in press conference by T-Mobile service in USA. It will be launched on October 22, 2008. The review says its no where near to iPhone by the first look & feel but still it is close to it. Talking about Android Phone or GPhone’s launch in India, well it seems little far away trade. Apple certainly earns its part of bucks selling music through iTunes and its through its app store, and there by google targets the same. Android has a section called App Market. It will be well noticed after its launch on Oct 22. But to sneak peak i have list of few apps which someone published online after manhandling the new G1 at T-Mobile’s press conference in states. Here is a list:

AnyCut—Basically lets you program shortcuts using the keys on the phone. Shouldn’t this be part of the phone’s settings?

BreadCrumbz—lets you make a route on a map using pictures of landmarks to enhance the directions.

Cocktail—Tell it what ingredients you have at hand, it will come up with cocktails you can make. Yum.

Compass—What it sounds like. Great for hiking.

Contacts De-Duper—Don’t you hate it when you have the same contact listed more than once on your phone? This de-dupes them for you.

EcoRio—These guys were featured onstage. They help you reduce your carbon footprint. Looked like a ride share app to me.

Krystle II—A touchy, feely Tomigochi. This app turns your phone into a pet that you need to take care of and stroke, using the touch screen, of course. Gross.

Mandelbrot Map—Uses chaos theory to create maps with an “infinite view.” I should have downloaded this one.

Panoramio—Shows you photos on a map near wheer you are. Already integrated into Google Maps.

Photostream—A Flickr photo browser.

Pocket Seismograph—Was that an earthquake? Now, you can check for yourself.

Quicklist—A to-do list. Everyone needs one of those.

Radar—Shows where you are on a radar-like screen. Meh.

Ringroid—Create a ringtone from any song in your music library. Love it.

ShopSavvy—Also featured onstage. Uses the camera as a bar-code scanner to let you compare prices while shopping in a store.

Text-to-Speech Library—What it sounds like. Turns text into speech through the phone’s speaker.

Video Player—Seems like that should come with the phone too

Translate—Uses Google Translate to turn foreign words into your own language.

Undoubtedly, the launch of Android Phone may certainly effect the price tag of iPhone in india which is currently little more than normal. Airtel & Vodaphone are in no good business with iPhone at the moment and the launch of GPhone will certainly effect the global prices of iPhone, lets see how the indian markets gotta deal with it 😉

Well now actually waiting for the GPhone to hit indian markets, atleast i expect the grey market to hit by feb-2009 😛

cheers !!

Realin !

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