GladinetWe have been using Google Docs and Apps seamlessly and since long now. I have seen many corporate using Google Docs as their means of project tracking, document sharing and other collaborations. Since I have been using Google Docs for a while now to share documents among my blog authors I am totally addicted to it.

I always wanted to have these documents associated with my desktop’s documents, so that everytime I do not have to open my browser and login into Google accounts. It doesn’t give that real effect of using documents. I know Google Gears have been there for a while now, but still it is does not associate files and applications on to your desktop. However, I have found this really nice application called Gladinet Cloud Desktop which allows you to mount your documents on a virtual drive – sweet ?

So with Gladinet you are able to mount documents and browse files using windows explorer. So it gives you the same experience as your are browing your local files and documents. It allows you to mount various services as the virtual drive, a screenshot of the list is :



Backup & Sharing

Gladinet also lets you take backup of the Google docs, so that in the worst case scenario that you lose your password you have them backup somewhere else and that too automatically. What if you plan to move all your documents to some other cloud desktop, then Gladient is the solutions. So it allows you to move your documents and take a backup of the Google docs on to other cloud desktops. Now you do not have to worry about the backups anymore.

You can download Gladinet to experience the features which I just discussed. You can try the free version, it supports many feautres to get you acquainted with this powerful application.

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Sachin Khosla.

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