Yesterday Google changed the way labels used to be in gmail, and some liked the change gmail-without-binwhile others did not. Whatsoever it has to be there because its after all a free email service which you are enjoying 🙂

After expericing the new change in google after sometimes i realized that I am unable to see the Bin or Trash in my gmail’s default view.  So in urge to save space on the left sidebar for Gmail google have actually hidden the Bin from the default left navbar.

Alright, got this. Now how do I get it back

At first you might consider it “A mail gone now is gone forever” but this is not the case, you can get the Bin menu back through the settings. If you click on in the left sidebar, then you will be able to quickly jump to the bin folder. But if you think you want it back the way it was earlier  you can click on the settings which opens the settings menu for your mailbox and there you can click show and then your Bin is back at its place.

As discussed in my previous post also, this change is done to save the space in the left sidebar, google might be coming with something new. Lets wait and watch what it could be 🙂

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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