gmail-icon-150x150It’s super annoying when you keep getting unsolicited emails from a particular address and none of the options work like, “report spam” or un-subscribe link. Unfortunately, Gmail does not allow users to block these kind of email addresses in particular. Practically saying it will be a mess for Gmail server’s to record such rules for each and every user and reject mails at the server level.

However, You can get “rid” of these mails if not block them, by simply diverting them to trash or spam folder. Let us now understand how you can achieve that. First of all let us search all the emails received from that address, to do so you can type the following command in the search box, located at top of your Gmail inbox.

Quite few emails, eh ?

So now let’s get rid of these junk emails. Beside the search box, you will see a link saying “Create a filter”. You will see the following options, (click on the image for larger view)


In the “From:” field you can specify the email address which you want to block. In the above example I have specified two email address separated by “ | “ sign, so this lets you divert emails from multiple senders in one filter. So when next time you want to block someone, just edit this filter and add the email address separated by “|” sign.

Now click on “Next Step” button, you will see the following options, (click on the image for larger view)


You can tick the “Delete it” option to divert it to the “trash”. You can also tick the checkbox which says “Also apply the filter to XX converstations below” so that the emails which are already wandering in your inbox can also be moved to their real destiny i.e. Trash Can.

Click on the “Create Filter” button to create the filter. Now site back and enjoy, you do not have to do anything for these email addresses, they will be treated nicely.

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Sachin Khosla

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