Most of us use the Google’s offline feature to read emails. This is a life saver when you got no access to network. This feature works when you have Google Gears extension installed for your browser. You can also use applications like Google Reader in the offline mode to read the RSS feeds when you have no internet connection.

It is worth noting that there is no fun of having the complete inbox in offline mode until and unless you plan to intentionally have all of them. You might not require some folders from your Inbox, or chat records. But using the normal Gmail offline labs feature, everything is just made available offline. There is no way to download specific folder or email for offline purpose before today.

Because from today when you have this Offline feature enabled the Labs tab under settings, you will be able to select which mails to download. There is another tab called offline under settings, there you can select which mails to download. Click on change settings and select the mails from particular label or folder to be downloaded. You are not at all required to download the complete mailbox with all the kitchen & sink option. Just download the minimal mails from the required folders and you are good to go.


Its might not be a really good feature for few, but its a life saver for those who need to have certain emails quickly in the offline mode. In that case one cannot wait the whole inbox to get downloaded. Instead choose the appropriate label and enjoy the emails offline.

And yeah you can always change the settings and download the complete inbox if you wish to do so.

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Sachin Khosla

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