I say linux then you might think of that black terminal window, but what if i say now your Gnome desktop can be more flexible and you need not to scroll thru menus or start your program using a terminal window. Well, yes!! this is true. A very light weight sexy ,powerful tool “gnome-do” makes your life wonderful !!

Look at the screenshot

Awesome !! eh ?

Ok enough! how do i install it in my machine ?

one step install, i am using ubuntu 8.10 and i typed the following command in my terminal, and it got installed in fractions of seconds.

 sudo aptitude install gnome-do

it may vary for different version of linux distros.Detailed installation notes can be found here

Ok, I am good installed it, now how do it start it ?

well its very simple to initialize this plugin, goto the terminal and type gnome-do and that would start the gnome-do plugin. You can bring this in action using windows key(super key)+space bar and just type whatever you want to start/run.

its a great tool and you must give it a try 🙂

Cheers !!

Realin !

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