google-adwords-logoThis morning I woke up with a surprise from google. They offered me free advertising credit with 15oo INR and i was like woot ? At first I thought its a fake email and i verified it from different prespectives, but finally i verified the URLs etc given in the email and it seemed to be a legit email. I reached at office and one of my colleague has also received the same email and it some sorta Promo code in it and was of the same format. The email was something like this .


DigiMantra did not require any traffic promotions as I am happy with the traffic and response from the visitors. But still if google was offering something for free, the man inside me said “Go Get it !!”. And then I decided to Sign-up for Google Adwords. Went throught the whole process and finally got my account associated with the current Email address which has all the adsense, analytics setup.

Just when I smiled inside that Yahh !! Finally I am gonna advertise DigiMantra, the setup wizard asked me to pay an Activation Fee. Oh My God !! Wasn’t that suppose to be free ? So if they give me 1500 INR as  Adwords credit, then they gonna charge a minimum of 250 INR as activation fee and the minimum I have to pay is 500 INR.


So this offer ended up as a marketing skill by Google India Team. I have never seen google doing this before, but may be the recession heat asked them to do so. One thing I did not realize is that on what basis they are offering this amount, 1500,2500 ? Is it random or on the basis of Analytics Data,  Customer reach etc ?

Well whatever it is, I am sure google adwords will get some new loyal customers. I liked the program and its cheap, the best part is you can pay in India currency and using Net Banking from India accounts, which is hardly available with any other Advertisement provider.

Hope you get your free credit pretty soon 🙂

Sachin Khosla

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