We all use lot of Google products, or in short its part of our Internet odyssey. Let it be youtube, orkut, blogger, Gmail, Google Reader, but have you ever wish to keep track of all these products you use. To keep them in one place and see their stats like which service do you use the most?

Google Dashboard is answer to such requirement. It provides you a launchpad from where you can see all the Google services which you are using. It also provides the related data to that service. For example I did not know i have 1974 contacts in my Google Contacts, I had subscribed to 6 Google Alerts, and I have joined 5 sitesgoogle_icon on Google Friend Connect. All the data right at one place and what else, you can administer the respective accounts and make the relevant changes.

The best part of Google Dashboard is that it re-arranges the services according to an intelligent algorithm which records your usage. The data stored is only the usage data which is recorded when you are logged in .

To see your dashboard you have to visit http://google.com/dashboard . It will ask you to sign-in with your Google account credentials. Once signed in you can access all your data at one central location. You can delete services from there, can change their settings and do a lot more. So go ahead and checkout your Google Dashboard now.

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Sachin Khosla

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