Google instant, the search technology that lets the user to stay on the page, without refreshing it. Every search term entered shows the suggested results as soon as the alphabets are keyed in. This real time search experience has now gone beyond the desktop search engine, and has entered the Android and Apple iOS based devices. Instant makes search more predictive and better in mobiles now.

The Google instant takes up the HTML5 and AJAX technology to stay on the page, and suggest search terms and automatically load the results for every character added to the search term by the user. This was earlier seen just in the desktop Google search engine, but now the Android 2.2 i.e. Froyo users can also use it, apart from the iOS users in iPhone and iPad.

The wise step taken by Google is that they didn’t make the option default. You can turn it on and off when you wish to, because not every user is on a 3G network or accessing the web through a fast WiFi connection. The Google instant needs a faster internet connection for instantly changing the search results and the suggestions. So if the user is on a slow connection i.e. GPRS or EDGE, they can turn Google instant off.

Open from your mobile device and just below the search box there is an option to turn Instant on. Once you turn it on, the search box shifts to the top as soon as you start typing, and the Instant engine starts working just like it did on the desktop Google.

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Google instant not only makes the searches faster, but as many claim, it also helps improve the search engine and its suggestions, understanding what the users are trying to search with a certain key term search. Check out the video shared by Google, explaining more about Google instant for mobile devices –

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