You might be be aware of the fact that images that we search on google images are copyrighted with different attributes. Some owners allow you to reuse the images anywhere on blog with their credentials while other just do not allow the usage at all. But there are chances that you might use an image which is actually copyrighted and if you use that on your blog or any of your publications, then it might land you in trouble as its Copyright violation.

You can use the following workaround so as to make sure that google images display result of images which can be used under GNU Free Documentation license, Creative Commons, or in the public domain.

1) Goto Google Images

2) Click on “Advanced Image Search” which is next to Search Images button.

3) Type in the keyword for which you want images. You will see a dropdown opposite to Usage Rights , which looks like.


4) Choose the option you like and hit Google Search button.

Using the above 4 steps you can search the images which can be legally reused or modification. Hope that saves your day.

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Sachin Khosla

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