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Wonder what new you can add to your phone ? How about a Google search engine –bored ? Yeah probably if you have the Google’s mobile application installed on your mobile already. Well Google never fails to take users by astonishment, this time Google has come with voice search from Nokia S60 phones. The business class phone like Nokia E71, Nokia E62 etc fall under this category as well.

Google introduced new feature to search using voice command in its mobile application v2.03. The voice search using Google application is quite powerful. You need to hold the green key of your mobile handset and just speak what you want to search and Google does the magic. What else , the application designed is intelligent enough to determine your current location and show related search results.

For instance my current location is Ghaziabad and when I searched for Hotels, it showed me a list of Hotels in Ghaziabad/NCR. Not impressed ? What if the application is intelligent enough to understand India’s national language Hindi ? Yes, you read it right, this application can understand words spoken in Hindi and can show you search results.

Download ?

To download Google application point your mobile browser to http://m.google.co.in and download the application and install.

How to use ?

As explained above usage is pretty simple. Just open the application, agree the terms and conditions and input the country, if its not India. Allow the application to assist you on the basis of your location. Once you are connected to network, hold green key of your mobile handset and keep holding until you finish speaking your query. Once you finish you will see the search results are there.


Make sure you are connected to internet.

Make sure the surroundings are quiet if not sound proof.

Keep proper distance from phone’s mobile while speaking , that will improve voice clarity and help the application to return you exact results that you are looking for.

Here is the series of screenshots which show the screens while doing a voice search using Google application on Nokia E71.

I spoke out “hotel california lyrics” and trust me in the very first attempt it gave me exact result shown in the screenshot below. However this application had issues when i spoke “digimantra” for search. Think it need to gain more intelligence to understand India accent or so.


gogole-app-1 google-app-2 google-app-3

Hope you like this new version of Google app and try the voice search to have fun.

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