Google announced Google Wave at Google I/O earlier this year. Since then everyone is excited about getting hands on the Google’s new baby called Google Wave. Just got my Google wave sandbox invite and after experiencing it thought I should share it with Digimantra’s readers. One thing that is common in Google’s product is the layout, simple, sleek but sexy. Before I you read further, let me show you the native state of Google wave. This is the screenshot taken when you just enter Google Wave’s landing page after getting authenticated.

Yes !! from the screenshot you feel like playing around and click on New wave link as well. It’s really neat and fast because it works only on Firefox, safari and Chrome. As if now it does not work on IE & its variants.  To witness the capabilities of Google wave watch this video, if you have not watched it yet.

If you want an invite for Google wave API sandbox then visit here. After reviewing your request Google will send you a request form for completing the procedure. Once you complete that form, the account gets created within few hours and the credentials are then sent to your email address, which  you provided during signup.Google automatically creates a helper or an extra account for you with a suffix -test after your original username. This way you can use the other email address for testing stuff you create for Google Wave.

If you want to experience it, open two different browsers, for eg. Firefox & Chrome and login into Google Wave using the two different IDs and play around. It gives you an immense pleasure to see things working in seconds. The playback feature, and threaded system works like charm. I have sketched out few features in the following image.


Hope you get your invite soon, I am going to start the development in Python and will post here some tutorials. So stay tuned in or subscribe to RSS feed, Email notification, SMS alerts .

Stay Digified!!
Sachin Khosla

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