gmail-logoTo remember a password is the challenge which somehow you might have faced atleast once in  your internet life. There might be chances that you lost your password and could never recover that account again. Well google has come out with another way to recover passwords. Now if you forget password you can get the reset password on your mobile instantly and you are safe.

Google introduced this on July 9, 2009 on their official gmail blog . So now we have three options to recover password, they being :

  1. Get password reset instructions on your secondary email address
  2. Get password via text message
  3. Answer the security question

This make sure you never have to lose your primary accounts and can enjoy them life long without any hitches.

Activate the password reset via text

To activate this , goto the Google accounts page and there you can click on “Change password recover options“. It will allow you to change your secondary email, activate or change your mobile number for password recovery, and change your security question.

Be sure to keep them updates, so that you never lose your password.

Activate your mobile, before you lose yours
Activate your mobile, before you lose yours

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