After the launch of Google+ everyone is trying new stuff. But yet, they miss some very common features and wonder to do it in Google plus. For example, there is no direct way to send a private message to people in your circles.

When I wanted to send one, I started looking at a button or link which allows me to do so. But in fact there is no separate message box or inbox kind of thing in Google plus to send/receive messages.

However, there is a way to send a message which is limited to only you and the receiver of that message. Got some idea ? Ok, so let us have a look on how do we send that private message.

  1. When you are on Google Plus homepage, start creating the new stream and using “@” sign type the name of the person.
  2. When you select the person from the list type your private message.
  3. Once you are done typing, just remove the other circle mentioned below those message, as shown in the image below.
  4. Hit Share and the message will be limited to you and the receiver, that’s it.

I am sure you might get confused when you will see the same message in your stream, but if notice carefully then it says “Limited” and on clicking it shows limited to only 2 persons. The same is shown in the image below.


Yes, it was easy straight forward but little twisted. Hope this trick helps you.

Stay Digified!!
Sachin Khosla


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