Google Moderator beta launched yesterday, yet another web-application by google. So what is the big deal this time google brought for us ? Well, this is a simple tool that helps groups determine which questions should be asked at all hands meetings, conferences, Q&A sessions, etc. This is mainly to focus quality over quantity, because meetings/conferences etc have very less time and only the relevant questions need to come up. Moderator lets users add questions and vote on the questions of others, so more the votes better the question is and hence more it will be used/asked.

Moderator was built by Taliver Heath as a side project and resides on Google App Engine and he describes the product on the Google App Engine blog.

I designed a tool in my 20% time that would allow anyone attending a tech talk to submit a question, and then give other participants a way to vote on whether or not that question should be asked. This way, the most popular and relevant questions would rise to the top so that the presenter or the moderator of an event could run the discussion more efficiently and in a transparent manner. The tool, which we internally called “Dory” after our favorite question-asking fish in Finding Nemo, quickly grew to other parts of Google including our weekly all-hands company meeting, as well as for our series of talks led by political candidates or distinguished authors.

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