Google has released Version 10 of its Browser: Google Chrome.

Chrome has always been simple, fast & most sites work flawlessly.Chrome_Extensions

Still, there are times when one thinks.. what more can be done to Chrome to increase its suitability? The same urge bit me in Firefox lot earlier.

Until recently, I was very Happy with STOCK (i.e. default Settings & features) of Google Chrome. But then started to feel as above (Winking smile). Hence got down to searching  & installing Extensions for Chrome & I did find some very good & productive extensions. I will share some in this post.



World Clock:

Available [HERE]

This is a selfish choice. I manage exports & frequently have to check local timings in foreign countries to avoid calling them while they are asleep or gone to lunch!

Having this extension makes it VERY Easy to simply glance & be ready before making that call!


Psst: You can have similar features in Firefox Using: FoxClocks.



Currency Converter

Available [HERE]

Once again a selfish choice. My job portfolio demands constant conversions between different currencies.

This has saved a lot of my time. Sure… there is for my needs… but this extension does the work a lot quicker.


Psst: There are other options available too… Check them out.




Available [HERE]

Needs no Explanation. This one is directly from Google themselves!





Available [HERE]

This one is pretty nifty & saves a few clicks!

Try it out





Available [HERE]

How can any widget/extension/add-on/plugin list be ever complete without the mention of Weather/Forecast!

Simple & informative.




With OVER 12,000 (& counting) Chrome Extensions… this is a perpetual-in-development post. So you our beloved readers…. do send in your favourite extensions!


There were some other “awesome” extensions like Google Mail Checker… etc, but more on that later! I have already discussed about AdBlock Chrome Extension.

Happy Surfing.

Psst: The latest & bestest (Indian word… not found in dictionary) browser from our beloved (Yeah! right Smile with tongue out) Microsoft i.e. INTERNET EXPLORER 9 is OUT!!! Go grab it….

I was VERY Impressed for the few minutes, that I tried it out! Do use it & let us know the feedback. I will try & pen down my experience with the latest iteration of the Oldest Browser…

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