Continuing to the browser’s war, after the pre-mature release of Google’s chrome WebKit announced its own much faster javascript engine. Chrome supported new V8 javascript engine. However, WebKit is an open source project which forms the basis of both Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser, has released the latest version of its own JavaScript engine, SquirrelFish Extreme. Google replace this SquirrelFish engine with its all new V8 Javascript engine to utilize latest multicore processor technologies and its predecessors.

Contrary to google’s belief to deliver high-speed browsing, some of the benchmark results proved that, google’s V8 Javascript Engine is slower than the one WebKit has. i used SunSpider benchmark to test the latest version of WebKit against Google’s Chrome. The results are quite impressive. WebKit with SquirrelFish Extreme finished the benchmark in 1235ms while Chrome needed 1598ms.

Can’t paste the result here though, but what i can perceive is that google has to work a lot harder if it wants to give some tough time to its competitors like Firefox and WebKit (the heart of all browsers).


Realin !

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