When I shifted to MAC lot of things changed. On top of everything the Keyboard changed which in return resulted in change of all the shortcut keys that I used in Windows, Linux using the Windows Keyboard. While development of websites, I often used Ctrl + f5 on Windows/Linux machine to refresh a browser page without cache. This key combination loads the page and request resources from the webserver instead of loading it from Local Cache.

This definitely is a requirement when you are developing a website. Since CSS, JavaScript files are saved in browser’s cache along with images. However, doing is in MAC operating system using FireFox as browser does not help 🙁

Hence, here is the tip for my fellow developers who recently shifted to MAC on how to do a hard, cache less refresh on MAC machines. All you have to do is press ⌘+shift+R i.e. Command + Shift + R key and for simple refresh you just have to press Command + R keys.

I know that was simple but sometimes you just have to discover it 🙂


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Sachin Khosla

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