I am sure you have some favorite applications which you use more often. For me, I use tweetdeck, live writer, and Firefox more often. However, when you want to start that application you goto start menu and start typing it to open the application (smart search for windows).

Another way to start your program is with Launchy. Apparently, these require some effort to start your application. I am going to discuss how you can start your favorite application, with your own set of shortcut keys.

Create Shortcut keys for programs as follows.

Find the program and right click to go to properties, as shown below.


Click on the properties and go to the “shortcut” sub tab.


In the “Shortcut Key” field move the cursor and select the combination of keys which you want to assign. For example, in the above image, I assigned ctrl + shift + t for tweetdeck application.

Now press OK and you are done. Next time you want to launch this application just press the keys you assigned and the application will be launched.

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Sachin Khosla

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