I recently flashed my newly bought Asus RT-N13u B1 and installed dd-wrt in it. Now it’s running Optware  and works like a charm. During my initial settings of the router, I had enabled Telnet and disabled GUI Management remotely.ddwrt-logo

However, when I was back home I realized that I need to make some settings using GUI Web Management. Since, it was not enabled I found the following set of commands in the documentation to enable remote web management of DD-WRT via Telnet.

You first have to telnet to your remote router by simply typing telnet 124.xxx.xxx.xx (remote IP). Input your username (usually root) and password (which you had kept when you first configured the router).

After you are through with Telnet, you can now run commands since you are a root user. Run the following set of commands one by one in the console.

nvram set remote_management=1
 nvram set http_wanport=8080
 nvram commit

Just wait for 3-5 minutes, while your router reboots and then you can easily access your router remotely via the web browser. However, you should suffix your router’s address with the port no. 8080 as specified in the above command. So in this case if we take the example IP address, then to access remote router you will have type http://124.xxx.xxx.xx:8080 in your browser’s address bar.

Hope this helps you!

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