Samsung-kies-icon-digimantraYou might have faced challenges while trying to connect your phone with Samsung Kies. Yes, you are not alone, many of us have faced the same error or are still facing. However, the solution of this problem is very naive and strange for sure. Let’s first see what is the problem which I am talking about here. The problem is that when you try to connect your Samsung mobile phone with its Application called Samsung Kies, then it just won’t let you do that. I faced this problem specifically when I tried to connect my Samsung Galaxy S with the Samsung Kies.

It failed to installed the MTP application on my PC and the screen started to flash on mobile. Strange behavior – no ?

I tried different versions of the kies, and differend methods of connectivity but none of them seems to be working. Tried to restart my Mobile, PC but no success. Today out of the blue I felt like I should give it another try. I downloaded the latest version of Samsung Kies and again hit in to the same problem. But this time I thought, I will not give up until I find a solution. So here is how I got my mobile connected with Samsung Kies.

The reason for this strange behavior is that for some reason kies go mad when it finds files with extension having more than 16 characters. It’s next to impossible to search these files manually and then nuke them. However, while searching over the internet I found a small utility which helps you locate these files. The source is here and you can download the file search utility from Digimantra as well.

  • Download the utility from above link and unzip the file.
  • Make sure you have .Net framework to run this application.
  • Now connect your phone in USB mode and run the utility.
  • Choose the drive on which phone is mounted, it will show you the file where the files having extension more than 16chars exists
  • Click on the list to open the exact location
  • All you have to do is now, NUKE THEM !!
  • Be sure, you know what files you are deleting 🙂

Now disconnect the Mobile and re-connect it as Samsung Kies mode. Hopefully your problem should be sorted out. I got mine connected and working.

Hope this helps.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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