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Yes, its facebook’s privacy setting again. Facebook introduced a new privacy setting called Instant Personalization which is by default enabled (in most of the cases)in your profile. According to facebook Instant Personalization –

Lets you see relevant information about your friends the moment you arrive on select partner websites.

This means the information about you that facebook stores can be shared to a third party, which they call it as a partner websites. I am sure in any case you do not want that. I understand it’s visible to your friends only, but you never go when can it go public, since you did not know how this got enabled 🙂

Let’s see how you can turn it off instantly in your account. But that won’t solve the purpose, because if one of your friend has turned it on, then also your profile is accessible to the so called “partner websites” (AFAIK).

Steps to turn off the Instant Personalization in Facebook

1) Goto Account (location at the top right corner of Facebook) and click on Privacy Settings.

2) At the bottom of the page you will see an option called “Apps and Websites” click on edit your settings.

3) Scroll to the bottom to find Instant personalization and click edit settings button displayed against it.

4) You will see a video and long description which convinces you to keep it enable, that your choice though. But if you scroll to the bottom of the page, uncheck the box which says Enable instant personalization on partner websites.


And you are good. I am not sure if that really helps you protect your privacy on facebook. But you should be knowing what’s happening behind the scene.

Hope that helps.

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