Yahoo Messenger is an Instant-Messaging application that allows you to connect with your friends. It is a well-known tool on the web famous for its powerful features like – VoIP client and other power loaded features like Messenger Themes, and voice chat, which allows you to talk for free. It also includes Launchcast Radio, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Audibles. Using a Webcam, you can see who you’re chatting with or view the Webcam of any Yahoo member who has granted you access. The Drag and Drop features adds to its sleek working. A lot of visual enhancements have been done in new version of Yahoo Messenger.

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Yahoo Messenger has a very useful feature – Stealth Settings. This feature enables the user to remain invisible to the net-world and chat with selected people. Though cyber-geeks found plenty of loopholes and one can unmask the invisibility layer of users. We understand that these people kept themselves invisible for a reason. With all due respect to their privacy, here are some ways to find out who is jettisoning you from their Cyber-World.

Method 1 – (Direct Check)

  • Open
  • Type the Victim’s ID in the search box (Victim because his privacy rights are being violated)
  • Once you are done entering the ID, it will let you know whether the user is offline, online or Invisible.


(Screenshot of Result Page)


Method 2 – (IMvironment Tweak)

  • Click IMVironment button→ See all IMVironments→ Interactive Fun→ Doodle.


  • If the user is online, then Doodle IMvironemnt will load itself and if the user is offline, then it will not load and keep waiting for the user to come online.


Method 3 – (Voice Chat Crosscheck)

  • Double Click on the person whose stealth status you want to check
  • Invite the person for Conferencing



· If the talk button appears and turns green then that person is online but if you receive the message ‘Voice chat could not be started ‘ then the person is offline.

Apparently, Method 3 seems to work in some specific systems depending upon if the user has mic/speaker enabled on the system he/she is logged in. Also,there are many Third-party tools which allow you to check the same, but then they may contain Trojan or Viruses.

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Nitish Jha

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