There are many blog posts on Internet which discuss about Locking screen of your Mac. Some discuss using Automator while other just ask you to install a 3rd party App, paid or free. However, there are two quick ways using which you can lock screen with just 2 clicks or even without a click of the trackpad. In this post, I am going to discuss how can you lock screen using 2 quick ways and without having to install any 3rd party application.

1) Lock Mac Screen using KeyChain Access

  1. Launch KeyChain Access from Applications -> Utilities or simply by typing in Spotlight
  2. In the Preferences Pane under General tab tick the option which says “Show Keychain status in menu bar
  3. It will start showing a “Lock” icon in the menu bar (near the clock). Simply click on the lock and select “Lock Screen

So next time when you want to lock your Mac’s screen simply click on the Keychain showing in the menu bar and click Lock Screen and you are done. This is one way where you can lock screen by two clicks. Apparently, you are waiting to see a method where you can lock screen without having to even click once, right Mr. Lazy ? Alright, so let us see how we can achieve that as well –

 2) Lock Mac Screen Using Hot Corners

This is the quickest way to lock your screen by utilizing one of the hot corner of your Mac. Follow the steps to know how to lock screen using this option –

1) Firstly we need to set password for screen saver. To do so, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy .

2) Now Choose General Tab and choose “immediately” to lock screen when screen saver begins.

3) Now goto  System Preferences ->Desktop & Screen Saver . In the Screen Saver tab click “Hot Corners” and in the drop downs of any of the 4 hot corners choose “Start Screen Saver”. This has been shown below.



That’s all and you are done. Next time when you want to lock the screen simply move your mouse to the hot corner and leave it there. The screen saver will start and the computer will be locked. So you did not actually click even once to lock the screen, cool ?

Let me know your comments and if you have more ways to do the same just share with us.

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Sachin Khosla

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