Yes, the latest version of OS X is out and is called Lion . You can upgrade it from the App store or right from the website, it costs 29.99 USD. However, if you have purchased your MAC between June 06, 2011 and July 20, 2011 then your system qualifies for a free upgrade to OS X Lion. YaY !!

Nice, if you also bought a new MAC during that time period since I also bought it around June 20, 2011. Apple made these systems eligible because they were suppose to get OS X Lion by default but since you did not get it from factory so you have a chance to upgrade it for free. And systems which are being manufactured or delivered after July 20,2011 are already updated.

How do I upgrade to OS X Lion, my system does not qualify for a free copy ?

Ok, so you simply want to upgrade and you are not eligible for that free copy of Lion. Well, it’s very simple to upgrade to Lion using App Store or right from the Apple’s website. But before you can upgrade to OS X Lion, your system needs to be updated. Simply click on the Apple icon and choose Software Update as shown in the image below. This will update your system and prepare it for OS X Lion.


After your system is updated, follow the link and you will see a “Upgrade Now” button. Alternatively, you can open the App Store within your current OS X and search for Lion to upgrade. The upgrade is around 3.5GB and will get updated depending upon your Network Speed.

How do I redeem the free copy of OS X Lion, I am sure my system qualifies ?

Note : If you are in USA then the process may vary and you can follow this link to upgrade your system. 

This article demonstrates how you can upgrade you MAC systems in India. Before you begin, make sure you bought your system between June 06, 2011 and July 20, 2011. Also, you should have a valid proof of purchase like a copy of Bill, receipt etc. You need to claim your free copy before you can upgrade. I have applied few hours back and as if now I have not got the claim, hopefully it will process in a day or two.

Step 1 : Verify that your system is listed in the list of upgradable system , if it is then let’s proceed further and follow this link to start the claim process.

Step 2: Specify your details and email address. A verification email will be sent on the same email address after which you will need to input your snail mail address.

Step 3: Add the detail of MAC machine(s) which you want to upgrade. To find out the serial number click twice on Apple icon > About This Mac > version number , as shown in the image below.


Just confirm your details and proceed to claim your free copy of OS X Lion. The confirmation page is like the one below –

You will also get a confirmation email. Once this all is done, all you have to do is wait for the approval and then you can upgrade the Leopard to Lion 🙂

Hope that helps and save you few bucks.


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