Facebook is a social networking website which gives people the power to share their piece of mind with their network. It enables million of people to keep up with friends. The website is meant for effective flow of data among your social network but what if your personal data is made public on the net; open to preying eyes of Cyber-Criminals.

The recent Facebook-chat tweaks lead to huge hue & cry among the Facebook team. The CEO of Facebook Corporation, Mark Zuckerberg realized the need of security. Facebook and McAfee have partnered to make internet a secure place. The joint collaboration ensures that users stay connected to their favorite networking website without any hassles.

McAfee is providing 6-month subscription to McAfee security package. The package contains McAfee Antivirus, McAfee Firewall, McAfee Anti-Phishing and McAfee Site Advisor. To avail this subscription offer, one has to just click on ‘LIKE’ button provided on the McAfee page on Facebook and fill up the registration form.


The McAfee page on Facebook deals with many aspects of Internet Security. It provides articles on maintaining security on your personal computer. It aims at spreading internet awareness among the people with less technical knowledge. McAfee is killing two birds with one stone in this partnership deal – a) Product promotion is being done and b) People are becoming aware of security issues with the help of McAfee Technical assistance crew (thus providing heavy traffic on their website). On the other hand, Facebook is able to provide a secure zone for its users. The emerging winners from this deal are the people using Facebook as they get 6month subscription for free which ensures hassle-free performance of computer system.

Benefits of McAfee VirusScan Plus –

  • Revolutionary McAfee Active Protection technology (NEW) provides instant protection and the highest detection rates against today’s threats
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor technology indicates website safety before you click with red, yellow, or green color codes (Red = unsafe, Yellow=Mixed Result /Doubtful and Green = Safe)
  • McAfee runs silently in the background
  • The ‘Battery Mode’ is meant for laptop users. It does not initiate any power hungry scans until your laptop is plugged in for charging.
  • It also removes temporary files and thus enhancing performance of system

Enjoy the new way of accessing fun-filled social networking experience in a secure atmosphere.

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Nitish Jha

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