aardvark_landing_logoHave you ever had one of those moments when you desperately need an answer but don’t know who to ask? Or that all those you could think of asking have no clue, but you do need an answer? Well, Aardvark is meant for you?


Aardvark provides you with a platform to have realtime conversations with friends (and people all across the globe) around topics that you have questions about. This can be way much more efficient and helpful than searching the net (you always end up somewhere else, in anycase). Aardvark uses the latent knowledge people have, which cannot be caputred on a web page. All of this, without downloads. Just email Aardvark or send it an IM, and help is on its way. it will find people who are most likely to have answers to your questions and bring you all together. It’s in many ways askign your friends for help. See screenshots below:



Next time, you wanna watch a movie or buy a camera, don’t forget to ask your friends on Aardvark 😉
Check out and find out more at vark.com

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