limewireLimewire the most liked and loved P2P client over the internet world has finally come to an end. As they say, “Why do all good things come to an end ?”. Atleast, some warez lovers say that, who enjoyed music on Limewire and then bought it off the store.

Limewire has to permanently shutdown their P2P product, because of the court orders. The lawsuit has been filed by RIAA around 4 years back. RIAA claims that Limewire and its founder Mark Gorton are guilty of the huge loss which has been caused to music industry due to the music sharing. A loss of 500 million dollars has been estimated in the lawsuit filed by the RIAA along with 4 major music labels in US.

From the users perspective, some have lost their firm resource to find & try good music. While others would just make a move to some other freeware P2P clients like FrostWire. Does not matter if whom so ever won the court battle, but users will keep downloading their free music from many other sources available. Torrents are yet another seamless option for these users.

How the shut off is going to happen?

The Limewire software/application will update itself automatically. On updating, it won’t let you search,upload or download which means it is pretty much useless for you. The update has been forced up on the users, so there is no way to skip it. Even if you cancel the update, the Limewire becomes unusable for you, because it won’t open at all.  Ya, that’s a deadly way to turn down users, but it had to happen as per the court laws. I am not sure about what will happen to users, who have purchased this product.

However, in another news the Lime wire company says, they are developing another music application which will adhere all the copyright laws. This is no such information about its launch date, but sources said Lime wire is also in negotiations with various music labels across US for this application.

On the other hand, FrostWire looks like a rip off of LimeWire and it also provides a nice Android Application to download. Let us now see how long can it survive, in this Good-bad world 🙂

All I can say about Limewire is, that you will be missed. I myself used Limewire when I was in college, and it did provide me few songs which were not available anywhere in the market.

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Sachin Khosla

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