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There was a post on Digimantra few months back when one of my friend claimed that she had a RT button in her twitter account. Few people agreed and quite a few disagree. But twitter has started showing retweet (rt) buttons as beta, the notification is like :



The retweet can be seen by your followers for now and the fancy arrows can only be seen by people who are offered this beta re-tweet feature. Re-tweet is widely used action on twitter today and all other twitter applications/API/browser plugins have supported this since long. This feature was missing in the core twitter web based application which has now been introduced using this beta program.


You can see the retweet button from my timeline. After clicking the button it asks for user’s confirmation before retweeting. For the users who are not part of this beta program, RT gets prefixed with the tweet, rest all can see the fancy icon shown in the first picture.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity to know about twitter’s retweet(RT) button.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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