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Wonder how to install your favourite Tweetdeck on Ubuntu or other Linux distros. Yes, I can understand you want this powerful twitter application in Linux as well.

To install Tweetdeck follow the below mentioned steps :

1) Download AdobeAir framework from http://get.adobe.com/air/Screenshot-TweetDeck

2) You will be prompted to download .bin file, which is for linux. If you do not find it for linux, then select different operating system and download the file for linux.

3) After downloading you have to give execution permission to the file and to do so, right click on the file -> properties and select “Allow Executing this program” under the Permissions tab. If you want to use the terminal using the following command.

chmod +x file_name.bin

4) Now in the terminal browse to the folder where the file this file is location and to install Adobe Air framework, use the following:

sudo ./file_name.bin

5) Now when the Adobe Air framework install is complete, its time to download & install Tweetdeck.

6) If your browser has Adobe Flash plugin installed already , it will try to install tweetdeck from within the browser.Otherwise you can download the file and double click the file to install Tweetdeck.

Hope that helps you to install Tweetdeck and you can then enjoy tweeting from your favourite Tweetdeck.

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Sachin Khosla

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