For those who believe gaming is their religion, the much awaited Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) opened a portal to the epitome of gaming revolution. E3 is considered to be Mecca for hard-core gamers and game developers. It is an annual show conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and has become more of a tradition.

With the rapid development of processing technology, we are being exposed to hi-tech gaming consoles devices. A Gaming Console is an interactive computing device which is solely committed for satisfying our gaming needs. The big three key players of console gaming – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony had a large collection of games for showcasing with the motive of out beating each other.

Tired of ‘being glued to your seat’, Microsoft announced about the release of ‘controller-free Motion Gaming’. This revolutionary breakthrough is achieved by Microsoft Kinect, which is add-on to the Xbox 360. Kinect is basically a sensor for capturing our movements and delivering a real-time output without the use of controller. The in-game handling is done with the help of spoken commands, body gestures. The deadly combination of redesigned model of Xbox 360 and Kinect may become the ultimate choice of critics and gaming maniacs. Kinect may also turn a calm living room in a Arena.


Features of Xbox 360 (Redesigned Model) –

  • Slimmer than before with a angular design, Low Power Consumption
  • Built-in WI-FI
  • Built-in HDMI Port. (HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface which is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data and it claims to be 3D ready.)
  • Optical Audio Output
  • 250 GB Hard Disk
  • A total of 5 USB 2.0 (Data Transfer rate of 480Mbit/sec)
  • Live Service – Grab some online gaming competition, download games, movies, video conferencing and audio chat.
  • Users can play their own music while playing and supports video (*.WMV)
  • Xenos GPU [GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit which provides high quality resolution
  • Refreshes your memory of good times by running a slide show of photographs of your choice.
  • Triple Core Xenon CPU

Motion Gaming without the use of controller is the future of gaming but the question arises, is Kinect going to be the Game-Changer?



With State of the art technology involved in Kinect, it is expected that the gamers will encounter a mesmerizing experience and remain spellbound to its charm. The much hyped ‘Red Ring of Death’ is removed from the new model of Xbox as it was considered to be bad omen for business. The Blood Red LED use to give Goosebumps to minors. The red colour was generally for indicating that the console has crashed. We hope that motion gaming without the use of controller does not lead to crashing of console.

Kinect starts with about six games at the time of its launch (expected date is 4 November for US) It has a total of 16 games in the list as for now. The games are somewhat similar to those provided by the Nintendo WII. Microsoft is concentrating on casual gamers. Testing for Hardcore games is under process. Non-Existence of controller gives draws a thin line between the two gaming consoles.


Fun with Kinect never ends –

The concept of avatars is widely used in Controller-Free games. It is always a treat to look at your look-alike avatar and communicating with him.


Comparison between ‘Microsoft Xbox360 with Kinect’ & ‘Nintendo WII’

Parameter MicrosoftXbox360 with Kinect Nintendo WII
Price $299 For the Xbox360 & $149.99 for the Kinect $199 USD
Graphics At present, there is no match for vivid high definition quality of game. The graphics are good but they are no match for the Xbox
Sensor With the revolutionary Kinect, it is expected to rule the market Sensors used in WII are remarkable but they are getting some serious competition from Kinect
Stability Frequent Cases of console crashing was observed in Xbox. Stability of Kinect can only be discussed after its official launch. Nintendo WII never crashes, Thumbs Up for the gamers who never want to stop

It would be completely unjustified to a pick a winner from the two. The console which satisfies your frenzy is the winner. The Coming few months is going to be critical as it would decide the ruling ACE of the gaming industry.

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