This is again going to be basic tutorial for noobs and not the one for advanced users. I figured out the way to run remote process on a windows system. Of course in Linux it is possible using putty but somehow that is just for linux. For Microsoft windows we have a similar executable called psexec.exe which let you run the remote files or programs over the network.

So how does it work ? Well download the pstools from internet like from microsoft site or

Then to run the remote program you can type :


#this can be used for the machine on which you got open access

psexec \\ cmd.exe

#for the terminal where you want to specify credentials you can use

psexec \\ -u username -p password cmd.exe

#for more help type psexec and you will find a list.


Hope this simple trick helps you a lot 🙂

Cheers !!

Realin !

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