snipping-tool-microsoftI usually do not advocate the in-built tools of Microsoft Windows until I recently experienced the Snipping Tool. It came in my notice by chance when I was searching for a file whose name starts from “sni”.

Snipping Tool lets you capture any part of your screen and save it as an image file. What else ? It gives you really nice options to capture the screen. Along with the old boring rectangular box, it lets you capture screen with a freeform snipping tool. Using this freeform tool you can capture any particular part of the screen with certain shape/size. Cool ?

Not impressed yet ? Yeah its hard to convince someone to use window’s inbuilt features Open-mouthed smile

The best part of this tool is the features it has after grabbing a screenshot. You can do the following –

  1. Highlight certain portion of the image
  2. Write with a pen, and yes 3 different colors and the custom color as well, nice ?
  3. Erase the changes done with highlight, or pen tool.
  4. Send as email attachment or inline email
  5. Copy the image to clipboard
  6. of course, save it as a file

All in one, it’s a handy screen capturing tool. It’s light weight and does not block much of the memory chunks. And what else, it comes free with Windows 7 (not in home edition though). Here is one grab of the snipping tool with a freeform tool, I really liked it this option.


Hope that helps.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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