Today, one-third of all web pages are served to mobile phones as mobile’s share of total we traffic has jumped up to 39%! Thus, having a mobile friendly website is very important for any online business. A mobile page is designed by compressing and removing elements to simplify the usage. Plus the content is laid to enable mobile consumption. Recently, Google updated its algorithm with the launch of Google Mobilegeddon, to rank the sites on the basis of smartphone view on mobile search results. Google analyzes which sites are optimized for mobiles and Googlebot determines in real time if a site meets the mobile standards and criteria.

 How to make your site mobile friendly? 

There are three possible ways to make your website mobile friendly:-

Create a responsive website

Nowadays all themes allow a site to have a responsive design which makes the website well optimized for mobile phones. Using a responsive website has a number of advantages like, a single URL works as the desktop and mobile site. This makes it easy for users to access the site, irrespective which devise they are using. Besides, Google can easily identify the site for indexing in its search results.

Create a mobile application

Developers are ruling hard by designing new apps for smartphones. Similarly, you can develop a mobile application of your site for specific smartphone operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This allows users to access a mobile interface and directly jump on to the site contents with relevant options. Flipkart, Bootstrap, Foundation, Digimantra’s Postevery app and Amazon’s mobile apps are relevant examples.

Create a mobile website

A mobile website is specifically built for mobile phone (WAP) browsers. This should be considered as the last resort to having a mobile optimized page since creating a mobile website also changes the site URL, for example, or, etc. There are several platforms that allow you to create such mobile-oriented webpages with affordable costs based on your requirements.

Why do you need a mobile friendly site?

Mobile Friendly Website

Since most customers are associated with mobile online shopping, it is very necessary to optimize your website for mobile phones. About 74% visitors are likely to return to mobile optimized webpages and 61% leave a site if it’s not been made for mobile. Every customer wants to access a site which works perfectly on the phone. Also it increases the standard of a webpage and Google might penalize you if your website is not mobile friendly. So if you need more traffic on your website then start working towards making your site mobile optimized and avoid the consequence.

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