twitter_bird_profileTwitter sent out a notification that some of the twitter user’s PC are hit by a variant of  Koobface malware. This malware which sends out bogus tweets after user logs into his or her twitter account. Koobface is actually anagram of Facebook and it hit really bad some time back. It used to send messages from the infected computer to the person’s friend list and this is how it used to spread, after the victim hits the links sent by Koobface.

It has successfuly ruptured Facebook, Myspace and this time Twitter. So please stay alert and do not hit just another link and stay safe.

Twitter is currently suspending the accounts which are hit by the malware, because there is nothing much they can do about your PC being infected. They are also sending email with instructions on how to remove this malware, to the users whose account are being suspended.It is Microsoft windows who needs to release a patch so that this malware doesn’t hit back. It claims to steal your personal information along with the credit card numbers etc.

Hope you are safe.

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Sachin Khosla

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