Those who do not like PHP as much as i do or many others but still want to enjoy things in the php way like, wordpress , now now an option in java also. nWordpress is an alternate to wordpress(written in php) written completely in java.

Numiton says the following about their product nWP as :

Blogging for Java

nWordPress is the Java counterpart of the WordPress project version 2.5.1. It is an easy to install and lightweight blogging engine with a rich administrative interface, nWordPress lets you concentrate on writing quality content.

nWordPress is an open-source project under the GPL license, same as WordPress. It currently provides almost all of the original functionality, with comparable performance.

Under the hood, nWordPress is built on the Spring MVC framework.

I think its a good start for java lovers, because i could not find much of open source ready to use applications in java as much as i can find in PHP. If java is seen as an enterprise language then why java should bother about such a small project like wordpress 😀
This claims that PHP is soon going to enter into enterprise world or almost has done it. Java, you have got competition :p

Cheers !!
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