After the release of most anticipated android version lollipop, now it’s the time for the smart phone users to be dazzled with the android M, the most advanced and updated version of android from Google. It seems that only a handful of sets almost 10 percent of the smart phone users are now using lollipop in their phones, but that is not stopping Google to launch the android 6.0. Though the date of release is still not confirmed, but it is expected that in the mid of September this year or Google I/O next summer will be the date of unveiling it. Now let’s see that what are the new features android M will come up with for the smart phone users?

android m
Power packed features of Android M

  • Improved notification features – this new avatar of android will come with some of the most advanced notification features till date. Now with this version the syncing will be more effective and convenient and it will be effective not only for different apps in a single device but also unify them across different platforms.
  • Improved design and interface – the expectation is that the interface will be more improved and the design will be mind blowing. Style of opening and closing of apps, multi window feature and new quick reply feature are some of them which deserve a special mention.
  • Smart home – the previous version was an attempt to make consolidate almost everything that android brought for us and give users a more stable and unified platform. In this version Google tried to give you not only a consolidated environment but also a scope to control all of the devices in home and office or any other places with either nest or other 3rd party apps.
  • Security – now the smartphones are getting used in almost all kinds of jobs. So the security is the prime concern for the makers. To adhere it thought Google is making some more security enhancements.
  • Android wear – in way of fighting back the battle with apple, Google is constantly searching for a way to get a strong foothold in the market. Android M will probably the weapon for them with which they can accomplish this in way of more advanced smart devices. It will certainly enrich the experience of interacting process of smart devices especially in case of voice input or notifications, etc.

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