What is the most familiar sight one has when he or she walks into a retail store, to buy something? Apart from products and services, which is the most obvious choice, it is a whole brigade of sales executives trying to catch your attention, and talking you through the products and services on sale in the store. Now think for a second how the shopping experience would be in their absence – would you like to buy from such a store? Obviously not! This is how important product descriptions are in the present times.

While the product descriptions need to be catchy, it is also important for them to be technically attractive. Let’s look at some of the hidden traits of these product descriptions, as suggested and followed on BigCommerce, which may do wonders to the sales of the products or services, they are selling.

Product Descriptions

 Product Description by Smashing Magazine

1. Make Search Engine Optimised Descriptions

Glance through some of the hottest online avenues and the best selling products, and you shall see that their promotional text stands out. While the text tells you exactly what the product or the service is all about, it is laden with keywords, which are relevant to it. This ensures wherever the product or the service description features over the web, it is doing just one thing – helping in search engine optimization of the product and increasing its page rank on the search engines.

2. Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

It’s nice for the readers to read through the descriptions of your products, but what really does the trick is adding a set of smart, suggestive pictures on to the description. This way, the effect of the content with be augmented, as it would give more horses to the viewer’s imagination, in seeing how useful your product or service would be for them.

3. Up-selling is the Way to Go

A viewer you are seeing your product description online, and are hooked on it, will possibly buy it as well. So now you have the first sale that you wanted, but what about the other products you would want him or her to buy. This is where up-selling can save both the customer and the online seller some valuable time- just have some related products lined below the actual product descriptions, and you have a multi-level sale from a single pitch.

4. Have a Structure to the Product Description

A well structured product description hits the viewer’s mind bang on to what you are trying to say, and what the customer is looking for. Have the product pitch open with a nice heading followed by product features and advantages laid out in clear and concise points, in an elucidate manner. What this ensures is that your product description page is skimming friendly, and get the crux of the idea through to the viewers, without having them to invest too much of an attention, and eventually tiring their interest out.

5. Cutting a Comparison

While it is very natural to blow your own trumpet through your product descriptions, and the viewers expect it as well, it is perceived to be highly sporty, confident and proactive to present a comparison of competitor products.

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