Who doesn’t like capturing all those special moments in everyday life? Also, which image enthusiast misses out on creating his/her own abstract images? But photography is no more a matter of only clicking or creating and printing and or rather, posting. Photography is now adding life to the already lively pictures to enhance the beauty and meaning of a photograph!


Image enthusiasts have gone from the Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Simple Image Editors which allowed only cropping and some elementary effects to the almost complete Adobe Photoshop. But, SUMO PAINT is different! It has all the features of Photoshop as well as exciting new tools. Also, it is an online application for image editing which means we need not download the application.

Registering for it is free of cost and a simple process. The only requirement is that your computer needs to have a Flash Player.

It is for those who just want to let their creativity horses RUN!

Well, also for those who just can’t draw or create magic on paper! 😀

SUMO PAINT can also be used as an add-on option with your own website and also as a plug-in for your Internet Explorer Browser.


  • Symmetry Tool: allows experimenting with symmetry points
  • Zoom Tool
  • Brush Tool: select different brush diameters and flow values. Also choose different types of strokes.
  • Advanced Filters: not limited only to blur, sharpen and emboss.
  • Gradient Tool


  • Shape Trails: for creating ghost trails of the shapes you choose
  • Smudge Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool: allows real time drawing.
  • Noise Filter: for adding noise effects.
  • Bumpiness: gives a flat plane a mountainous effect
  • Curves Tool: the ultimate tool for controlling the image color tones and contrast.

These are only some of the features constituting the vast feature set of SUMO PAINT!

To Register for this ‘REAL-TIME-CANVAS’,

Go to


Click on  Register Now located at the top-right corner of the home page!

(It takes only about 20 seconds and is FREE!)

And then, GET STARTED!!

Stay digified !!!

Nitish Jha


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