When I started using Ubuntu at my workplace, after few days I tried Pidgin. Undoubtedly, it is a nice application to chat with your buddies, but I was irritated with its unwanted (for me) notifications. So I tried to drill down and get rid of them.

The notification was waste for me, because even if I would click on a friend appearing online, the chat window won’t open for me. So to get rid of it, I tried my luck under Tools > Preferences but couldn’t get anything to disable these notifications. Later I discovered that is is actually one of the third party plugins, called Libnotify popups,which is notifying so it was time to configure it so these notifications can be disabled.

Pidgin Notifications

Disable or configure notifications

The “Libnotify popups” plugin provides configuring it. So to open its configuration goto Tools > Plugins (ctrl + u). Scroll down and select the “Libnotify popups” plugin and click on configure. It will open another window, which will allow you to check and uncheck the types of notifications you want to show/hide (notice the image below).

When done, click on ok to save the settings. This way you can stop those annoying notifications.

Hope that helps.

Stay digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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