In this post, I am going to tell you how you can access your Ubuntu or Linux machine from your Windows machine. If it was Windows machine on both sides then you can access these machines via “Remote Desktop” but since the Operating systems are totally opposite, we need a third party tool for this.

To do so, let us x11vnc server on Ubuntu box. Open the terminal window in your Linux machine and type the following command :

sudo apt-get install x11vnc

Once the installation is complete you can run the server by typing either of the following commands.


x11vnc –bg

The only difference between above two commands is that the second one runs the server in the background and thus returning you the prompt. When enter one of these commands, you will notice that in the end, it mentions the port number on which the x11vnc server is listening. By default the port no. is 5900, but you can change it with the following command :

x11vnc -rfbport 5902

Installing VNC viewer

Now its time, we need to install a third party software through which you can access the Ubuntu box. You can install free edition of VNC viewer to access your remote machine. Open the VNC viewer after installing it and type the IP address of your remote machine with the port number as shown below. (eg. ).

That’s all and you are now able to access your Ubuntu box directly from your windows machine.

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