DigiMantra celebrates its 100th post

Free domain giveaway bash  is over , Looking for results ?? We have them here DigiMantra is ready with its first ever contest of giving away freebies to its visitors and those who follow us on twitter. We are going to complete are 100th post after i hit publish to

5 misconceptions about programmers

Programmer , a person with who’s intelligence you are able to browse this wonderful internet. People often take programmers for granted and usually talk a lot bad about them. But when the same programmer hacks into their system , then they get to know what a real programmer is 😛

Prefix www to your domain using htaccess

First of all you need to know why you even want to prefix www in front of your domain. Well to explain in short, search engines treat http://www.digimantra.com/tools/twitter/ and http://digimantra.com/tools/twitter/ differently. Notice the difference is just of www. But  if you have these two URLs distributed all over the web,

Download Bing Ringtones for your mobile

Microsoft wants to do the Bing with its blingy ringtones. Yesterday it published Bing ringtones in Mp3 format to reach closer to everyone. I personally liked the ringtones.  They are all catchy, confused which one to choose. They released it for their inhouse mobile operating systems, Windows Mobile 5.0; Windows

How to display apos in Internet Explorer (IE)

Hey There, I faced this problem few days back and sorted out a solution after going throught the w3c documentation. As the documentation say : The named character reference ' (the apostrophe, U+0027) was introduced in XML 1.0 but does not appear in HTML. Authors should therefore use ' instead

Bing – But Its not google

Bing – But Its Not Google , this term is coined by Michael Martin and i read it in one of the techcrunch post ‘s comment. I heard a lot of Bing these days and I personally believe its not really so cool. Microsoft planned really big this time, but

Hide My Blog Log status from Yahoo Messenger

My Blog Log was acquired my Yahoo way back and I think almost all services were added to it. From twitter to flickr, your blog entries to all other information. Sometimes it becomes annoying when you posted blog entry about your Fun Trip whcih you had last week after you

WordPress guide from newbie to pro

WordPress is one big framework in itself now. From a simple blog to a pro website, wordpress gives you the flexibility to do it all. Radioverve is one of the niche example of wordpress ‘s power and my free wordpress blog is another example of the most empty or quick

When did you join twitter

Hey Folks, One of my @twitter friend @partywithneha asked me about how could she get to know that “When did she joined twitter?”. I had built this functionality in my twitterapi class, so i created a tool to grab details when a particular user joined twitter. The tool can be

Seesmic desktop review

I heard a lot about Seesmic Desktop since long now and today was the day when I actually tried it. From the first look it looked really good and no doubt it is. Very nice approachable button on the website which lets you start the installation on a single click.