Install JRE , JDK, Java in ubuntu

Heya folks, Just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on virtual box today and the first thing was i wanted to get connected to my office’s VPN. It runs on some java client so i need to install one for my new Ubuntu box. I found tutorials which were really complicated but then

What is the size of twitter display image

Heya folks, After I wrote the blog entry How to create follow me on twitter image/logo with photoshop , I saw a healthy increase in the twitter queries from google and other search engines. Among them one query which I noticed everyday was as simple as that, “What is the

Install phpmyadmin using wget on godaddy or other hosts

Recently i shifted to godaddy hosting and i realized that godaddy’s hosting connections had SQLyog to be installed and not the phpmyadmin. Then i thought i should install phpmyadmin myself so that i can restore my current database from the old webhost. However later i realized that phpmyadmin is integerated

Get free Ubuntu CD/DVD

I know i should have posted it long back like 2-3 years back, but they say its never too late. So i am gonna tell you how can you order a free CD/DVD from canonical. They ship CD/DVD right at your doorstep without charging you a single penny. Seems absurd

How to use HTTP_POST_VARS in php

HTTP_POST_VARS was a very useful global array, but we dont use it these days. I do not understand or i did not find time to research if it has been discontinued or had some problem. But it was quite a nice array which stored all the fields and their values

calculating time difference in PHP

Date and time is one function which is always like there in whatever website, project you create. The more simple they look like to start with the more complex they become. Complexity comes in when we put these functions into different loops conditions etc. Well Today i got a bug

Display Avatars in wordpress themes

This is going to be a concise tutorial. On my another blog i had an old theme which doesn’t support displaying Avatars in comments. So i wandered along and found this snippet which can be replaced by the Avatar picutre when compiled and sent over to the server. So lets

Add javascript function using css class

In this tutorial i am gonna show you how a javascript function can be hooked to a HTML element with its predefined class or id attribute. We are going to use class attribute here because we may want to have multiple elements of the same kind where in we want